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About Us

“Our investment philosophy is grounded in the conviction that earnings growth will drive stock prices over the long term.”

- Alan Breed,
President & Portfolio Manager

Since its founding in 1974 Edgewood Management has continued to grow its assets and client base while maintaining the same customer service dedicated to the original high net worth clients.  We manage approximately $35.4 billion (as of 12.31.2023) on behalf of: individuals, family groups and institutions, including endowments, foundations, and pension plans.

What Makes Edgewood So Unique?


Edgewood’s strategy is quite unique, as we manage a 22-stock portfolio.  The portfolio weightings range between 2% and 8% where the largest weightings represent the most attractively valued companies or the companies with the biggest potential upside based on the Investment Committee's calculation. This portfolio construction discipline forces Edgewood to highlight growth and ensures that a high level of scrutiny is paid to all companies in which we are considering an investment. 


Each one of the six Portfolio Managers has over 30 years of investment experience. Edgewood has been able to grow the institutional side of the business while maintaining the original values of the successful family-wealth side of the business.


Each of the Portfolio Managers has assets invested in Edgewood's Large Cap Growth strategy which creates a high level of alignment of interest with our clients. We strive to provide the highest level of service to our clients and build lasting relationships.


Rather than relying on one CIO, Edgewood employs a strong and coordinated team approach for all investment decisions by leveraging our six portfolio managers and five analysts. The current Investment Committee has been together since 2006. Edgewood maintains the utmost commitment to excellence and holds everyone in the firm to high standards. There is an unmistakable and infectious passion, energy, camaraderie, and respect among all employees.

Why Edgewood?

Edgewood also believes its people are the key competitive advantage. The highly-qualified and cohesive investment management professionals are dedicated to building portfolios with the equities of companies that possess fundamentally strong market positions in growing industries, exceptional earnings power and consistency of earnings performance, which aims to result in superior market results over economic cycles.

About Edgewood's Logo

Our logo highlights the unified approach we take to our investments and the strong collaboration that occurs between our nine partners and our full team. The mark, made up of 22 lines representing the companies in which we invest, is pointed upwards to demonstrate our commitment to upward growth. The orange and brown symbolize our determination to succeed and the trust in our intelligence both internally and with our clients.

about us


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