Edgewood Management LLC

Our Team

Kitty McBride
Executive Assistant

Kitty joined Edgewood in November 2012. She works closely with the investment team in the design, implementation and updating of quarterly marketing materials for the company, and meeting individual and quarterly data requests. She is also the Executive Assistant to four partners.

Kitty McBride

11 Years with Edgewood

Marylynn McKeown
Executive Assistant

Marylynn started in November 2015. Her responsibilities include overseeing client billing and office management duties; as well as assisting three partners with travel and other business matters.

Marylynn McKeown

8 Years with Edgewood

Monika Gavares
Executive Assistant

Monika joined Edgewood in September 2021. Her responsibilities include managing relations and communications with the firm’s European, Middle Eastern and Latin American based clients. She also generates and updates monthly factsheets for our offshore “Edgewood L Select Fund”. Monika is the executive assistant to three partners, and among her diverse role she works to coordinate travel arrangements and meeting materials.

2 Years with Edgewood

Kerry McKeown

Kerry joined Edgewood in January 2022. Her duties include answering the phone, taking care of guests and front of house maintenance.

1 Year with Edgewood


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