Edgewood Management LLC

Edgewood Large Cap Growth: Overview

“Our focus ensures depth in both our investing approach and our relationships. We employ a thorough, repeatable research process prior to investing, and we bring personal, hands-on care to our clients' specific needs.”

- Alan Breed,
President & Portfolio Manager

Edgewood Management offers separately managed accounts to institutional and private clients.

Click here for more information on opening a new Separately Managed Account. 


Initially offered in 1987, Edgewood’s Large Cap Growth Equity strategy pursues long-term capital growth through a portfolio of 22 stocks of predominately large size companies that are distinguished by their financial strength, levels of profitability, strong managements, and their ability to deliver long-term earnings power.


Edgewood’s goal is to produce sustainable long-term performance by investing in growth companies it deems to be of high quality.  Our investment philosophy is grounded in the conviction that earnings growth will drive stock prices over the long term.  This is the foundation for our high-quality approach to investing.  Before we invest in a business, we must clearly determine its potential for creating value over a multi-year period.  That requires in-depth conversations with company managers, suppliers and even competitors.  The result is our equity portfolio consisting of 22 companies that are positioned to perform well in all economic environments.  


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