Edgewood Management LLC

Decision Making

“Our investment philosophy is grounded in the conviction that earnings growth will drive stock prices over the long term.”

- Alan Breed,
President & Portfolio Manager

Rather than relying on one CIO, Edgewood is committed to a strong and coordinated team approach when making investment decisions; individual portfolio managers and analysts do not act independently. All recommendations are presented by one of the six portfolio managers to the Investment Committee and all new investment decisions are made on a unanimous basis. There is a general delineation of portfolio managers by industries but all six portfolio managers work as a team. The team does not deviate from this discipline.

Each day, Edgewood is evaluating every position. When a new holding is introduced to the universe, it forces the team to challenge the conviction level of all of the existing stocks in the portfolio. Portfolio construction is strictly defined at 22 companies with the requirement that when a security is added, another security is sold.  The Investment Committee meets formally once a week and informally on a daily basis.